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Nutrition coaching

We recognize that your diet is infinitely more important to your health than any exercise program. 
Simply put, no amount of exercise can replace a bad diet.
We want to help you reach your goals because nutrition is the foundation of a good fitness program.
Take charge of every part of your health and wellbeing by enrolling in our nutrition coaching program where we take all the guesswork out of reaching your goals. 

$450 one time payment
-3 months of nutrition/lifestyle guidance
-3 separate monthly meal plans
-6 in person check ins with coach at Hampton Office
-24/7 text or email support 

-Macro calculation
-Weigh ins

Contact us to schedule an initial FREE intro session. During this session we will fill out a detailed health and food history questionnaire to better learn about your current habits, challenges, and goals as they relate to performance, aesthetics, and health. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, move more weight in your back squat, or simply maintain a healthy body and increase performance, we can get you there through uniquely determined and consistent nutrition.

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